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Post by Geaty on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:56 pm

:lol!: Are you a twitter member. You got are you a twitter member you got no problem and are you. And if you are not a twitter member you got to sign up today and join other members of the second great social network. :lol!:
What to do is to great a twitter account the make a lot of friends in you twitter I mean amass great friend for yourself. You should up local your pictures don’t take yourself, great a nice profile and to your friends be good to then let there be a good relationship and understanding between you and then they must trust you and make yourself trusted. :lol!:
What to do next is to sign up in any affiliate company will need to visit your twitter page and view it and make sure it will be a nice place to promote their product
Check out for any company that pays per click on ads This mean when someone clicks in the advertisement link they give to you, you get paid. The promote the advertisement to all your twitter followers
You can promote pay click on your twitter and start earring money. Finally you should be up dating your information for your followers
:D :lol!:
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