Make Money in Nigeria Posting in Nigerian Palace Forum

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Make Money in Nigeria Posting in Nigerian Palace Forum

Post by Paradise on Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:47 pm

Hello Guest! You are welcome to this post.

We the team of Nigerian Palace Forum have been working pretty hard to serve you better. And right now, guess what?

We have come up with a system that is called "Naira Point System". :good:
The Nigerian Palace Forum has come up with this method, Naira Point System (NPS) that will enable you earn as you post in the forum.

Have been posting in forums and chatting in different social medias such as whatsapp, facebook, 2go, twitter etc. without getting rewards for burning your money on recharge cards or MB. Nigerian Palace Forum Has unveiled Naira Point System which enables you to earn while you post and comment on thread in this forum.


+₦5 : This is earned by new member who registers newly to the forum. 
         This "Naira Point System" is manually awarded to new members between the
         48 hours after registration by Administrators or moderator.

+₦10: This is earned by already registered member who refers a new member to this
         forum and the new member correctly fills your "Nigerian Palace Forum" 
         username in the text field, "Your Referrer". The referrer will be awarded with +
 Naira Point. This is manually awarded by the forum Administrator or Moderator
         after intensive review.

+₦2 : This is earned by member(s) who opens new thread here in this forum. This is
         automatically awarded to the "Topic Starter".

+₦8 : This is earned when a member post original content not copy and past but original 
         content in this forum under any section of this forum. This Naira Point is manually 
         awarded by the Administrator or moderator after which we have ascertained that
         the content is not copy and past.

+₦1 : This is earned by each member who contributes by commenting on each new thread.
         This Naira Point is automatically awarded at each comment a member makes on new
         threads no matter how many comments the member makes he/she will gain +₦1

MINIMUM PAY OUT is +₦1 000 :   

When a member's Naira Points reaches +₦1 000, the member can request to be paid by sending Private Message (PM) to Paradise or Deswimmer.

The Subject of the Private Message (PM) Must be "PAYMENT REQUEST" the body must contain the following:

1. Bank Name: ...................................................
2. Account Name: ...............................................
3. Account Number: ............................................

1. Before you send a request make sure that your Naira Point is up to +₦1000 or more. 

2. When a member has been payed, the Naira Point of the member will be reset to 
   default i.e 0. 

3. Already registered members' Naira Point will be reset back to + ₦10 

:read:  Cordially, Nigeria Palace Forum Team :read:

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