3 websites to get paid to play games

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3 websites to get paid to play games

Post by Paradise on Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:21 pm

Just get paid to play games right now

1. Clubbing.com
Each time you play games here you earn tickets. when the ticket gets upto 1000 tickets you convert to money which is 1000 tickets to $10. Some games can give you 1 - 5 tickets. so join now.

2. playandwin.co.uk
Join now play and earn money right away
Join nowplayandwin

3. Exodus3000
get paid now. free sign up and win 5000 free MD (Mars Dollars) Any other MD you get from playing games will be added to you 5000 MD. When you reach 300, 000 MD which is $20, you are paid
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