Could the next Angry Birds become Angry Pigs?

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Could the next Angry Birds become Angry Pigs?

Post by immesd on Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:23 pm

In what may come as a surprise to its legions of fans, Angry Birds maker Rovio has revealed that the next iteration of the popular bird smashing game could see a bit of role reversal. Speaking to Pocket-lint, Rovio revealed that the Finland country-based studio is working on a game that will let gamers fling pigs instead of birds. They will possess various powers and skills like the birds to cause destruction making use of the catapult.

Speculations from PocketLint suggest that the ultimate aim of the game will stick true to the Angry Birds tradition of protecting the stolen eggs. The environments are likely to remain the same as well. Further details of the game are still awaited.

Rovio has been in the limelight quite often in the past few months, whether it is Angry Birds Space clocking 100 million downloads in just 76 days or the launch of a new Formula 1-themed Angry Birds Heikki.

Not to forget, Angry Birds Seasons also got updated with elements of underwater physics coming into play. If this wasn't enough, Rovio also teased a small trailer of its highly anticipated fresh title, Amazing Alex. The game will feature about 100 amazing levels challenging gamers to bend the laws of physics. Owing to its immense popularity, the game is also set to feature on HD consoles as confirmed by Activision.

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