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MyBrowserCash - Easy Guide How make money on full automated Empty MyBrowserCash - Easy Guide How make money on full automated

Post by farafa on Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:56 pm

I will not be repeated because the already have this topic on the forum about MyBrowserCash. Nevertheless, in two words tell you about MyBrowserCash.

[URL=""][/URL] is a software application that allows you to earn money doing what you already do, browsing the internet! (Using Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome is currently not supported). Unlike most "Paid To Click" & "Paid To Read" sites, you do not have to be logged into the members area to earn cash Browsing the web.

If you have not yet registered then you can register by clicking on this link [URL=""]MyBrowserCash[/URL]

And now I will tell you how to make money with MyBrowserCash:

Method 1: Business Plan How make money without Tool

Step 1:
Go to and register.

Step 2:
Ignore the Tool, you don't have to click the ****ing ads ;)
You got now 2 options, do offers for money, or do offers for referralshares.
The most offers are gaining you 1 point for referralshare-purchasing, you need 5 for 1 referralshare, and there are realy easy E-Mail-Submit-Offers.

Step 3:
What are referralshares? well, [URL=""][/URL] got this option like other sites,
but on other sites you are not sure if you get money from the referral that you buy or not.
well, i show you the plan from]

Current Daily Payout As Of Today Is: .11/Share/Day +
Mature Bonus Payout At 60 Days.

Method 2: How make more money with

I did just figure a method for Mybrowsercash that you can earn money while you sleeping. Just by leaving your PC on and Online. So lets start.

All you need is mybrowsercash account, and a one program that i give you.

If you not have accounts in Sign Up here please!!!

So this method could work you need to be sure that you have latest versio of mybrowsercash (1.8). In 1.8 you get desktop versio where you can deside how often ads pop up. Set it to 1.5 min (most often)

Also you need this autoclicker. You need to set up your cursors X and Y to there where mybrowsercash ad pop up. (ON RED CROSS). Be sure that you have latest versio (1.8) of mybrowsercash. Or if u want more money to be earned you need to set up two Point on autoclicker. First one is clicking ad. Second is closing website that opens. And then just loop these to points on autoclicker and leave it to loop all night.

Download autoclicker here: [URL=""]MyBrowserCash ads autoclicker[/URL]

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