Make easy money Listen music + Payment Proof

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Make easy money Listen music + Payment Proof

Post by farafa on Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:56 pm

First you need to listen to the song at least 90 seconds. While the song is playing, you can start writing your thoughts about the song. It is advisable to fill the box, because your are paid based on quantity and quality. After the 90 seconds are up, you have to rate the song. It is advisable to rate the negative songs between 3-4, the average songs between 5-6, the good ones between 7-8. You can rate the songs lower and higher also, but only in exceptional cases, like when somebody uploads a hit which is not his own creation. In rated those songs with 0, because I hate cheating.

Once you find a room, start reviewing tracks by playing it and listening to at least 60 seconds of the song. I would recommend listening to the entire track before writing a review, to be fair to the artist. Write your review with as much detail as possible and then rate the song from 0 -10.


Fixed Minimum Cashout - $10 is the set minimum cashout. From what we can see the minimum cashout will not increase after your first cashout.

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