How facebook is making is money. You care to know

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How facebook is making is money. You care to know

Post by Fakegun on Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:38 pm

The biggest social network has been associated to Facebook and secondly Twitter. Facebook has 750million members and about 700,000,000 visitors monthly. And as you all know it that Facebook if a free social network unlike other premium social networks.
You could be wondering how such a free social network is making his money. It was estimated that facebook made $150 million dollars in 2007 and made $300 million dollars in 2008 and as in 2009 made estimate of $500 million dollars and grew up to $2 billion in 2010.
Facebook makes this money from three (3) ways means which are through application, virtual and advertisement
How Application makes money for FACEBOOK: Facebook makes money from application as thousands of application are sold on facebook
How Advertisement makes money for FACEBOOK: Advertisement have been estimated to be the highest revenue generator for Facebook. The advertisement which is displayed Facebook page gives large sum of money to facebook. In 2009, it was estimated that facebook made $450 million on their advertisement
How Virtual Goods makes money for FACEBOOK: virtual goods which is equally known as Gift shop is another great revenue generator of facebook. How this stuff works is when a member sends a gift to another like friends or relations just for one dollar. It has been estimated that this stuff (virtual Gift) generates about $100 million every year
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